Full Version: I can't play Gunner whith the UP 3.0
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Hello every body

First at all I want to say that i’m very sorry for my poor English, maybe the solution it’s somewhere in the forum, but i’m not fluent

I have the Il2 1946 patched with 4.8m, 4.9m, 4.10m and 4.10.1, all works fine, and I can play as Gunners in the B25 or other planes with Gunners.

To install mods I have a copy of my Il 2 with the UP3 (and the UP3.2, 3.3 and 3.4) to play B17, B24, Lancaster, F8F, … and I can’t move or fire when I try to play gunner.
It’s ok on the control panel, "left mouse", but I can’t move as gunner

Do you have a solution please ?

Thanks a lot


Hello follarin63,

welcome in our midst. Big Grin

You may have a look in your conf.ini

Go to [game]

Have a look if this entry got this number, you may change it, save it and try again. You can try other numbers as well, like 32, 35, 42 ...
Snap View (even Number) / Pan View (uneven number)

Good luck!

Jambo :wink:

P.S. Are you from Spain if I may ask?


Thanks a lot Jambo, i tried it, and now i can play gunners !!!

I'm so happy, thank you very much

P.S. Are you from Spain if I may ask?

Yes you can, my father was born in spain pero yo vivo en Francia !


follarin63 Wrote:P.S. Are you from Spain if I may ask?

You are welcome! Big Grin

No I'm not from Spain but lived there for a couple of years. And everything what's left are words.
And I remember a word like your nick that isn't quite, hem proper - if you know what I mean!? :roll: :wink:

I'm glad that I could help you! 8)

Jambo :wink:


hello Jambo

Yes it's a very nice contry i workedin Saragosse 6 month, and i have the chance to see F18/A !!

Hum, yes i know for my nickname, they give it to me in Spain, but it was not in the sense of you can understand it, it's more loving (i don't know if it's the correct word)
Me lo decian mas para reirse de mi ^^

Thank for your first post, now all it's ok, and this site it's very cool, i instal this game there is a few days, and i appreciate it more than heroes over Pacific or Heroes over Europe.

I 'm not an hard game player, but i like simulation, i have just to game on my computer ^^, Il 2 and GTR 2 !!.
Do you kow i a mod whith an P61-Black Widow, B26- Marauder or a F7 Tigercat exist ?

Muchas gracias por todo, si puedo ayudarte un dia por un juego o un programma lo are con felicidad

Hasta luego
Nicolas ^^


Hola Nicolas, Big Grin

Now I know! :Smile)

For many years know, I'm and a lot of others are waiting for the P61 Black Widow.... :-?
Hopefully we get it one day with other planes as well!? We only have to be patient. :wink:

Have a lot of fun!

Jambo :wink:


Hola Jambo !!

i've found a B-26 Marauder : ... 791.0.html

You have to put a new Diff FM in you #Up# folder you can find it here : ... 169.0.html
Becarefull when you instal the Diff FM file to delete the "-"

Hasta la proxima vez