Full Version: Sans FOV changer and UP 3.0 RC4
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Is anyone using Sans FOV changer with the latest UP? I'm tweaking my 22in LCD monitor, widescreen and found it on google, I'd like to try it but I wanted to make sure it was compatible with UP. Bolt


Yes, it works. You do however have to shut down the UP executable selector after you launch IL-2 or San's won't know which il2fb.exe to hook into as someone had the bright idea to name the launcher process the same as the IL-2 process. ... l#msg46025

Alternatively, you can use this ... 878.0.html however to get default and preset views working with your POV hat switch, need to map the default view, increase view, and decrease view to your keyboard (I used the arrow cluster) then use a program like Autohot key. You can find a script on the Autohot key website to map your arrow cluster to your POV hat. You can then edit the script so that when you push the POV foward, for instance, it pushes the default view key once, and then increase FOV 5 times to give you a view of say 35 degrees. I'll post the script I edited here so you can mull over it. After installing Autohotkey you have to replace the contents of the default AutoHotKey.ahk that was created in your Documents folder when the program was installed. It must be name AutoHotKey.ahk must be retained for the script to be automatically run when AutoHotKey starts. You may have to change the value of joyPOV to 1,2 or 3 depending one how your OS has assigned your USB devices. Look for this line:

GetKeyState, POV, 1JoyPOV ; Get position of the POV control.

And change it till you find what works.

If you analyse the script below you can hopefully see how it works. I the game the default view is set to 70 degrees if I remember correctly. I like my default view to be about 100 on a 16:10 aspect monitor so I have it so the when I press my POV hat switch to the down position (my default view) AutoHotKey presses the appropriate sequence of arrow keys on my keyboard to reset default view (left arrow key on keyboard/70 degrees) and then hit decrease FOV (down arrow key on keyboard) 6 times. Since this alternative FOV mod only lets you increase and decrees FOV in increments of 5 degrees, buy having AutoHotKey press left, down, down, down, down, down, down) you wind up with 75 degrees + 5 + 5 +5 +5 +5 +5 which equals 100 degrees. You can use this scheme to assign default view, zoomed in and zoomed out views to your liking and have them all controllable from your POV hat switch.

Let me know if you have any questions, here is the script below.

You will replace the default contents of the AutoHotKey.ahk script with everything BELOW the dotted line.

; This script has a special filename and path because it is automatically
; launched when you run the program directly. Also, any text file whose
; name ends in .ahk is associated with the program, which means that it
; can be launched simply by double-clicking it. You can have as many .ahk
; files as you want, located in any folder. You can also run more than
; one ahk file simultaneously and each will get its own tray icon.

; SAMPLE HOTKEYS: Below are two sample hotkeys. The first is Win+Z and it
; launches a web site in the default browser. The second is Control+Alt+N
; and it launches a new Notepad window (or activates an existing one). To
; try out these hotkeys, run AutoHotkey again, which will load this file.

;This scrip makes the POV switch at like the arrow cluster on your keyboard.

#Persistent ; Keep this script running until the user explicitly exits it.
SetTimer, WatchPOV, 5
setkeydelay, 20, 20

GetKeyState, POV, 1JoyPOV ; Get position of the POV control.
KeyToHoldDownPrev = %KeyToHoldDown% ; Prev now holds the key that was down before (if any).

; Some joysticks might have a smooth/continous POV rather than one in fixed increments.
; To support them all, use a range:
if POV < 0 ; No angle to report
KeyToHoldDown =
else if POV > 31500 ; 315 to 360 degrees: Forward
Send, {Left}{Up 5}
else if POV between 0 and 4500 ; 0 to 45 degrees: Forward
Send, {Left}{Up 5}
else if POV between 4501 and 13500 ; 45 to 135 degrees: Right
Send, {Left}{Down 12}
else if POV between 13501 and 22500 ; 135 to 225 degrees: Down
Send, {Left}{Down 6}
else ; 225 to 315 degrees: Left
KeyToHoldDown = Left

if KeyToHoldDown = %KeyToHoldDownPrev% ; The correct key is already down (or no key is needed).
return ; Do nothing.

; Otherwise, release the previous key and press down the new key:
SetKeyDelay 10 ; Avoid delays between keystrokes.
if KeyToHoldDownPrev ; There is a previous key to release.
Send, {%KeyToHoldDownPrev% up} ; Release it.
if KeyToHoldDown ; There is a key to press down.
Send, {%KeyToHoldDown% down} ; Press it down.

; Note: From now on whenever you run AutoHotkey directly, this script
; will be loaded. So feel free to customize it to suit your needs.

; Please read the QUICK-START TUTORIAL near the top of the help file.
; It explains how to perform common automation tasks such as sending
; keystrokes and mouse clicks. It also explains more about hotkeys.