Full Version: REQ AI Communication mod
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If this has already been done -- fantastic point me in the right direction for download-- if not this is what I am looking for.

A mod to the artificial intelligence comms files, so my wingman or flight members will call out when they spot a bandit.
Currently, my flight will peel off after a bandit or take defensive measures when attacked but will not say anything to me until they get shot down or get a kill. Right now I feel like the only one on lookout, but the AI do see bogies they just dont report them. This make single player even harder and less immersive than it could be.

Has anyone taken up a mod on this?
Any thoughts or comments would be great.



Have you tried Frog's Formation mod and/or CY6 Command and Control mod? I believe they are available at SAS.

Good luck,



Frog's formation mod seems to be down. The Command and control mod does not appear to be what I am after. I am looking for the AI (not GCI) to tell me what they see before they peal off.