Full Version: Missing features in UP3.0RC4
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I recently installed UP3.0RC4 to my 4.10.1 patch. Here is what is missing so far:

Fog of War menu and feature missing completely.

ID codes for YE type radio navigation are not visible in the orders menu. [Yes, I have CVs in the mission]

Late version of the Mark 13 torpedo does not load.

Some issues with resupplying ammo after the first few aircraft loads. Yes I am familiar with the resources management menus both for overall game and home base options. Aircraft spawn without ammo and will not reload even though there are bullets in the resource base.

There are probably many others. My thoughts are they are fixing the bugs as reported but does anyone know if any of the above issues are purposely being cut out?


Carrier codes work for me...
Did you install the UP3.0 patch first?
Then the UP3.0RC4 patch?
Did you re-enable the patch via IL2-UP?
Verify your startup screen says its UP3.0 RC4.