Full Version: Couple of Questions
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I've recently installed UP 3.0 and its great!

I've played 2.0 a long time ago and i loved it, the sounds, the maps, the new airplanes, the effects, lovely game!

But anyways, im slighty dissapointed with 3.0. Its a great mod yes, but i have been playing IL2 with the Forgotten Countries mod for a long long ime, since it got released. I cant really live without it, and this particular Version of UP doesnt even have one of these new nations. UP2.0 had some (Some of them cutoff, like Estonia, Argentina, Turkey), HSFX same (Cutoff nations) and this one, wich i expected it would be totally EPIC, doesnt even have one D:

Yes, i tried the Forgotten Countries mod itself, but it works pretty bad with this version of UP, with many airplanes crashing (DXXI, CANT Z, that Japanese torpedo airplane, etc etc), im really dissapointed Sad

Is this mod still "Alive"? if the devs are active, working on it?

If so:
Are they gonna add all the nations back? no exceptions, all of them, makes IL2 incredibly enjoyable!

Devs no, modders. :mrgreen:

You can find this mod in "Dark Blue World":