Full Version: UP3 RC4 and Thailand/Solomons map
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I have a quick question. I installed UP3 RC4 and tried to run some offline campaigns from Mission4Today. Most ran fine, however, I ran into some problems with the campaigns using the Thailand and the Solomons maps. They crashed when loading the maps, in the case of the thailand map even straight to the desktop. Same thing if I try to load the maps from the FMB. Anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong?


If you have 2GB or less of ram and maybe no page file, I suppose you could be crashing the game with some of those mod maps that are very large. When you start adding objects, I think it takes even more memory. I would get a freeware program that allows you to monitor page file and ram usage in real time when you open up those maps. Something that overlays the game. The one I use is called tinyresmeter, but there are plenty of others. I think I found it on CNET.


MadBlaster, thanks for the reply. My poblem is, the same maps work under HSFX, and I have 6GB of RAM (though it is a 32bit Windows 7 with the usual limit of slightly under 4GB per process).