Full Version: UberDemon's SuperAddon #1 for UP 3.0 RC 4
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UberDemon's SuperAddon #1 for UP 3.0 RC 4


To all in the IL-2 Community. I'd like to announce the release of my UP3.0 SuperAddon 0001, for Ultra Pack (UP) 3.0 RC 4. This addon installs through JSGME, which came with UP3.0, and includes a culmination of all the addon and modding work I have done for IL-2 1946 (outside of UQMG - the UberQuick Mission Generator).

The content of the Addon is described below:

New Mission Content
* G-11 Glider Single Missions (from original AAA flyable MOD release)
* Me-321 Glider Single Missions (from original AAA flyable MOD release)
* Missing Missions From Original IL-2 Sturmovik And Demos Never Included In IL-2 1946 Release (enhanced by me and released with permission from Oleg Maddox)

New QMB Content
* New Map Template Content (a few new maps compatible with new 4.10.1 patch)
* Reset/Shortcut Templates for Speedy Mission Building

New Slot Flyable Aircraft MODs
* IL-2I with updated weapons
* IL-2T with updated weapons
* IL-2 '1941 Field Mod. With Player Enabled Gunner
* Ki-43 (Ia/Ib/Ic/II/II KAI) with updated weapons
* Yak-9R Long Range Recon-Fighter
* TB-3 (4M-17/4M-34R) Cargo/Troop/Paratrooper Transport
* Fw-190D-9 ('44/'45) with updated weapons
* Fw-190F-8/G-8 Mega Weapon Mod

Miscellaneous Content
* QTim's First IL-2 Mod Ever: JPEG Screenshots
* Latest SAS buttons - v9.4, 3 November 2011 (Required)
* Latest ".ini" files to add the Mod content included

Please read the PDF with detailed information, and instructions below:

Please download the Addon from the link below:

Best Regards,


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Thank you, kind Sir.