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I have found a problem with my MOD. Some aircraft are crashing IL-2 (mainly the ACE aircraft). After some investigation, it has to do with the version of the files I recompiled, which was based on FCL. I have found a much better way to incorporate the this into ULTRAPACK which will be much less intrusive, and will include all stock regiments from 4.10.

I'll keep this available, but there will be a better version coming out.


Forgotten Countries Lite for UP3RC4 With Forgotten Latinos: An UberDemon Addon

[Image: fl_release.jpg]


To all in the IL-2 Community. I'd like to announce the release of my adaptation of SAS~CirX/Sanka/McWolfe's Forgotten Countries Lite (FCL). This was created to be installed on UltraPack (UP) 3 RC 4. This addon installs through JSGME, which came with UP3.0, and it features my own addition called "Forgotten Latinos" with RED side Brazil (with improved roundel and Senta A Pua emblem), as well as Mexico.

The content of the Addon is described below:

* All existing features and countries of FCL V3.1 - however they work in UP3RC4
* Recompiled code to add new units and to work in UP3RC4
* Added RED Brazil (digraph "bq") w/ more traditional roundel, 5 units (featuring 1st Fighter Squadron Jambock w/ Senta A Pua emblem)
* Added RED Mexico (digraph "mi") w/ 5 units (featuring 201st Fighter Squadron Aztec Eagles)
* Added 4 more units to BLUE Brazil (digraph "br")
* Added 4 more units to BLUE Mexico (digraph "mx")

New Mission Content
* Single Player mission for Brazilian P-47D - You are the mission commander of a Brazilian 12-plane P-47D flight. You will participate in a major combined attack against an Axis-controlled air field in Italy. You will join American forces for this mission (P-38s, P-51s, and B-24s).

* Single Player mission for Mexican P-47D - You are the mission commander of a Mexican 6-plane P-47D flight. You will search for Japanese military convoys that are staging a counter attack against Allied forces in Luzon, Philippines.

* Two Coop missions based on Single Player missions above

[Note: When playing the Mexican mission, loading of the map takes a little longer than other maps, so if you see the screen go black, or feel IL-2 crashed, don't worry, it is normal and the mission will load.]

Please read the PDF with detailed information, brief histories of Brazilian and Mexican air forces during WW2, and instructions below:

Please download the Addon from the link below:

Best Regards,


Here is some information about Brazil's and Mexico's involvement in WW2.

Latin America is often overlooked in history books about the Second World War. Typically people will remember that Argentina maintained a relationship with Germany, and also remember the Battle of River Plate. There were only two Latin American countries that significantly participated in battle during WW2 and provided people and materiel (albeit mostly from US stock) for the Allied effort: Brazil from South America, and Mexico from North/Central America


[Image: br01.png]
(Picture Source: Wikipedia - public domain)

In numbers, Brazil was the most significant Latin American contributor, with Air Force and Army contribution, as well as providing its own territorial protection, and a corridor for ferrying war materiel. Brazil, like other countries of Latin America, maintained a neutral stance, while keeping a relationship with Axis countries. After several cargo ships were sunk by German U-boats off its coast, Brazil decided to join the war effort. Brazil declared war against Germany and Italy, but not Japan. A little known fact is that Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. It was challenging to keep vital shipping information from reaching the Germans because the Japanese Empire had infiltrated the Japanese-Brazilian population with informants, who would pass information to Japanese agents who would then relay information to Germany. Brazil maintained this uneasy relationship with Japan even though it was the main cause it had to get involved in the war in the first place. Thus, U-boats had a field day with Brazilian cargo ships until Brazil started fighting back.

Once committed to the war, the United States opened arms sales to Brazil, providing weapons, training, and most significantly, aircraft. Brazil was provided with several state of the art American aircraft, including P-40s, P-47s, T-6 Texans, B-25s, and PBY Catalinas, to name a few. Aircraft such as the Catalinas were very significant for the patrol of the vast Brazilian Atlantic coastline. In an unusual sighting, a Brazilian Catalina and a Brazilian Hudson, along with an US Navy Mariner were credited with attacking the German U-boat U-199 in 1943. The Catalina dealt the depth charge blow which sank the U-boat. Brazil also provided a ferry conduit for American bombers. US bombers would fly South, land on the northern territory of Amapa, or at Belem in the state of Para, then would proceed to Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, as the final stop. B-17s and B-24s would then start their ferry journey over the Atlantic to Northern Africa / Mediterranean / Italy.

The Brazilian Army and Air Force fought in Italy against the Axis. The most well known group of Brazilian warriors were the pilots of the 1st Brazilian Fighter Squadron/Group, known as "Jambock", and sporting the "Senta A Pua" unit emblem. (The slogan is not easily translated, but it means something along the lines of giving someone Hell and giving them a beating of a lifetime, but in a concise way. It is a warrior call to instigate morale before, during, and after battle.) The Brazilian fighter pilots were trained in Florida. As it was expected, the Brazilians encountered prejudice and racism, even though they were fighting for the same cause as the US. It is said that when they arrived in Italy, the US commander that was receiving them stated he did not have a need or use for those "Spaniards." The prejudice against the Brazilians was overcome a lot quicker than the prejudice against the Red Tail Tuskegee Squadron Black Pilots, who interestingly were American citizens; but it was done the same way: by fighting well.

The Brazilian pilots could overcome any obstacle, including prejudice, but they had one major challenge: American food. It is said that American food depressed them so much that it actually affected their training in Florida. It was not until they used a Brazilian cook for their meals that morale and training finally started to improve.

The 1st Brazilian Fighter Group was stationed in Tarquinia, Italy. They were responsible for a large share of ground targets destroyed, including trains, tanks, vehicles, bridges, aircraft. Their biggest enemy was ground fire, but they claimed a few aircraft destroyed. Outside on an Australian unit, the Brazilian 1st Fighter Group was the only foreign unit to receive the Presidential Unit Citation for that conflict. They are a source of great pride to the Brazilian population even today, particularly after US-educated Brazilian filmmaker Erik de Castro released the acclaimed documentary "Senta A Pua".

Read more below:
Brazilian Air Force WW2 Statistics:
Fate of U-199:
Brazilian Site:
About "Senta A Pua" movie:


[Image: mx01.png]
(Picture Source: Wikipedia - public domain)
Mexico also lost cargo ships to German U-boats, leading to a declaration of war against the Axis. It took some convincing by the United States for Mexico to join the fight, particularly because most Mexicans still held negative views of the US due to recent wars between the two countries. The US leveraged their relationship with Brazil to convince Mexico that fighting the war was the right thing for a Latin American country to do. The US already had Brazil in the European Theater, and they wanted to get an additional commitment for the war efforts in the Pacific, and Mexico was the right candidate.

Mexico was provided with aircraft for the patrol and protection of their coastlines. Notably, the US provided the P-47D Thunderbolt for their primary fighter unit, the 201st Fighter Squadron, also known as the "Aztec Eagles". The Mexican fighter pilots trained in Texas.

The Aztec Eagles were deployed to the Pacific Theater, and they participated in ground attack operations in support of the Philippines' Liberation. They operated from Clark Field in the main Island of Luzon, North of Manila. Their aircraft had both United States Army Air Force (USSAF) and Mexican Air Force markings. The 201st Fighter Squadron was credited with several targets damaged or destroyed on the ground. It is said that their first few missions were very long, and flown under the harshest heat conditions and battle stress; by the time the pilots returned, they were dehydrated, and had to be basically hoisted out of their cockpits.

Some of the Mexican fighter pilots earned (American) Air Medals, indicating they did their share of combat missions over the Pacific, with 96 combat missions. When they returned to Mexico at the end of the War, they were received as heroes, and are still viewed that way today, as the only Mexican military unit to ever fight outside of Mexico.

Read more below:
201st Fighter Squadron and Statistics:
Remembering the Aztec Eagles (USAF Article):
Surviving Aztec Eagles (US Dept. of Defense Article):

Best Regards,


We have ourselves with limited success tried to import Forgotten Countries to UP3rc4, and have endured
quite a few crashs wondering exactly why. Your're pdf explains a lot of our misfortunes!
DOWNLOADING with great anticipation.
This is very appreciated!
Thanks again.


Nadia Wrote:Thanks.
We have ourselves with limited success tried to import Forgotten Countries to UP3rc4, and have endured
quite a few crashs wondering exactly why. Your're pdf explains a lot of our misfortunes!
DOWNLOADING with great anticipation.
This is very appreciated!
Thanks again.

Nadia, thank you... truth is that I found a few problems myself... I'll be releasing a different version which I believe will be better...

Try playing UP3 without adding Haken (which is default anyway) and WITHOUT putting widescreen... you will note that there are a TON of countries present then... So what I did is I created a widescreen version that does not interfere with that last night, and I'll create a new MOD which I believe will be less intrusive, plus will be less buggy.



Thanks danzigzag for your work again !

We now have tried it and are using your mod wright now with much success. Big Grin
Before, we could not use Forgotten Countries with any new diff_fm planes in UP3.
It works now with diff_fm and I tried a prebeta F8E crusader last night: quite fun to break into the Mach1 barrier.
What was much needded was USA blue, to fight pesky red Chineese of NKorean Mig-17s... :mrgreen:

Is there any chance of adding North / South Vietnam as new countries in the future ? Please do not feel pressure here, it is just a thought. 8)
( There is more and more stuff in the making about this era and place [ Vietnam map, A1, Puff C-47,OV1,OV10, rF8A/E,PA-48, SAMs, Nike et.c] ).

I add the following note here for anyone who might experience the same difficulty: a freeze-crash when hitting the arming button in QBM at install.
Some QBM versions allow country selection on first QBM screen, but some don't. After our install we had to clean up QBM memories,
to eliminate some previous invalid country selections. May be it is just something that could happen to us, due to our earlier experiments at Forg.Countries.
To do it, we go in Quicks file and eliminate .last.quick, and go to current pilot in User file and eliminate QBM.ini file. Reset button is not enough.

As indicated above by danzigzag, there are few problems with this mod and with a few aircraft types ( like MIg-17pf ) causing freeze-crash when trying to hit the
arming button in QBM, but you can circumvent the issue this way:
1- select a very common aircraft type;
2- hit ARMING button in QBM.
3- select a new country if needed.
4- select the troublesome plane.
5 - select the armement for that plane.
6- save mission; now it is safer to hit arming button with this mission in QBM...
7- use max ram.exe setting possible when flying, especially with large demanding maps, complex new planes.