Full Version: JSGME Fw-200 Hackencruz for UP3 or SASmodact
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Hackencruz on FW200 is troublesome because it cannot be handle by skins ( one side is always inverted ).
Therefor the use of an Hackencruz enabler with NoSva_skins is better, but you get what you get, which is
often Svas for later-war planes such as Me262 or He162 (...1946...); so here is this idea we had to switch
a dedicated FW200 sva in JSGME On or Off when needed... It will also work for FW189.

( a mod on a mod: you must still have an hackencruz-enabler ON before this modifies it ).
( This was created for UP3rc4 or SASmodact 3.6 which both have the hackencruz enabled by default ).

Download FW189/200 JSGME Hackens V4.1:

[Image: 19879b094d36ee0e256fa7f0c99294b185fc112d...eea66g.jpg]
Both sides of these planes are OK.