Full Version: Widescreen & New Countries (stock UP3RC4) Conflict/solution
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Widescreen & New Countries (from stock UP3RC4) Conflict and a possible resolution


In searching the forums, I didn't see this issue directly addressed, so I am sorry if this is common knowledge, but here it goes. When I installed UP3RC4, I was very eager to start using it, so I enabled Widescreen right away. Nothing unexpected; I created the Forgotten Countries light version compatible with UP3, but then started to see some issues, such as missing regiments, and some aircraft causing crashes.

Well, I feel silly because if you simply start UP3RC4 without enabling Widescreen and/or Haken, a whole bunch of new countries are included (including Brazil, but not Mexico)... But if you enable Widescreen, then the countries are gone. Reason for that is simple... the "files.sfs" for UP3.0RC4 does not include widescreen, and the "files.sfs" for widescreen does not include new countries...

Last night I created an adaptation of ECRAN wide which is non-interfering with UP3RC4 "stock" "files.sfs" using some creativity, which I will not go into details, but nevertheless allows users to have widescreen with the exact GUI from UP3RC4, but retains those new countries...

(Don't know if this is a big deal, but if there is an interest, I can post the working widescreen MOD I created last night.)
[EDIT LINK INCLUDED: ... untries.7z ]

I will now work on a much better Brazil/Mexico (More historical Brazilian markings, and adding Mexico) addition which will be less intrusive and less buggy.

I have some pics below... there is nothing notorious, but please note it is using Widescreen and it has access to the new countries.

Best regards,

[Image: udw01(0).jpg]

[Image: udw01(1).jpg]

[Image: udw01(2).jpg]

[Image: udw01(3).jpg]

[Image: udw01(4).jpg]


You are unstoppable !

Fantastik ! :mrgreen:


Nadia Wrote:You are unstoppable !

Fantastik ! :mrgreen:

Thank you. BTW, in the config above, North and South Vietnam are included.



Link for this MOD is now included in the original post above.