Full Version: crashing at 60%
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quinn k

hey guys i just installed the 4.10 update and now when i try to open up my program it kicks me off after loading 60% of the way if any body can help with this PLEEEASE let me know


You didn't install the 4.10 patch over a modded version of 4.09m did ya? Cause if you did you may as well uninstall and start over a lot of the mods built for 4.09 will not work in 4.10.If you installed it to a clean install of 4.09m and you still get the 60% ctd then I would say that you probably have a corrupted version of the 4.10 patch and suggest you re download and try again,if that still doesn't work then I'd have to say your best bet is the M4T mega patch.