Full Version: Channel40 map update
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This mod adds CanonUK's English Channel buildings to his previous, unfinished dogfight map: Channel40 beta.
All airfields updated on both sides of the Channel, all large towns & ports rebuilt including London,Dover, Portsmouth, Southampton, Canterbury, Calais, Cherbourg, Dunkerque, etc. + many bugs fixed

Download: ... (3.5 Mb)
Install: Extract to your MODS, #UP# or #DBW folder

Credits: original map concept & buildings by CanonUK

Screens (pls post more!):

[Image: vp_channel40_scr1.jpg]

[Image: vp_channel40_scr2.jpg]

[Image: vp_channel40_scr3.jpg]

[Image: vp_channel40_scr4.jpg]

[Image: vp_channel40_scr5.jpg]

[Image: vp_channel40_scr6.jpg]

[Image: vp_channel40_scr7.jpg]

Campaigns available for this map:

Storm over England by Poltava ... ils&id=269
Triumph in the West 1940 by Poltava ... ils&id=274
Biggin Hill Wing - Channel campaign for 611 Sqn by GregG ... ails&id=78
Battle of Britain, payed addon (spanish briefings)
WOW! very nice !!! Big Grin
Thank you.



Hallo to all i have Il-2 1946 4.12 i wish add this p but i can't find the Channel 40_Beta original there is a operative download of it active?
Or the four seasons is the same?
Thanks for any informationsw about.

I think what you will find is that the only way you can get CanonUK's English Channel map is in a few mod packs now these days, the only other Channel map that I know of is the one from the 352ed and I think the download is still good you can try it, here is a link;



Thanks Deutschmark for your kindly reply but for some campaign is necessary
that Canon Channel map, that in 4.12 isn't .



Wow! :OO


Yes, indeed: Wow! Big Grin