Full Version: Bombs don't hit the Ship?!
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I have UP-3.0 RC 4 and the ship can't be hit by a bomb or a rocket.
I can hit them by plane but I want to destroy the ships not me Big Grin
When I throw a bomb she flys through the (for example) carrier and hits the water,but don't explode.

What can I do?

Your sincerly Tim

(sorry for my bad englishBig Grin)


Are you using anti-ship rockets?

Bombs need air time before they can explode, because of the fuse


You are too low for the bomb to arm. Try skip bombing or better, a glide bombing pattern. Dive bombing take a lot of practice but is successful most of the time after some practice. Toss bombing in the least effective technique. although it can be mastered it is not historically accurate. No real combat pilot in his right mind would prefer such a risky and unreliable maneuver.

Also ... check you bomb delay. A minimum of 2.0 seconds or more is advisable when doing low altitude bombing.