Full Version: Map of Belorussia ver.2 - summer and winter
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This map covers the area from Minsk to Brest. It is based partly on aerophotos made during WWII, contains more than sixty airfields, which location was made on the basis of authentic documents of that era. The airfields are made using ZUTI's Friction mod.
The present release of the map consists of the summer and winter version. The map was not autopopulated, the main attention was paid to some landmarks such as larger towns, where many more specific objects like synagogues, cathedrals, named railway stations, some new airfields etc. were incorporated. Location of some airfields was corrected, too. The twin towers in front of Minsk railway station were removed since they were built only after 1956. Maps are considered to be finished to well flyable state, further patches might follow as required. Any volunteers capable of map making are free to do it.
It is supposed that the map could be used for 1939 to 1944 war campaigns, and to some extent, after removing most of the airfields, to 1914-1920 years.
The compatibility of the map was tested with the following versions of Il2 Sturmovik 1946:

HSFX 4.01, HSFX 5.01, SASmodact3.06, UP3RC4, DBW 1.71,and HSFX 6.01.

The map can be downloaded here :

The readme file there involded contains all the necessary installation guide.


Molva: Red Church in Minsk 3D model.
Nachprod (aka Murdoc)Confusedummer and winter skin of Red Church in Minsk.
Stoupa: written permission to use his Pilsen Synagogue.
RedEye_Jir: written permission to use his objects from maps of Spain.
Uufflakke: written permission to use his objects towers.

I am glad to give proper credits also to large group of modders who helped in preparation of this map in that or another way, last but not least by showing interest in the map, so helping me to overcame the burnt out periods which knows each map maker, lol:

Mixx, Oknevas, Gromm, LS, Molva, Partisan, nachprod, Karabas-Barabas, Dancing Bear, Skvorez, deSad, Carsmaster, Koloksai, VaS@OK, ton414, KevinP, Uufflakke, SAS_Boomer, wosiu14, CzechTexan, Poltava, RealDarko, cgagan, jeanba, fritzofpeace , Kopfdorfer, mandrill, agracier, Kiwibigles, in fact, all the SAS, Aviaskins, Dispersalfield communities as a whole.

If anybody forgotten, excuse me, please, my memory is not as reliable as several decades ago, lol.
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Looks GREAT thank you Uzin and all. Big Grin
Am sure many will enjoy it.