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This map covers the area of Estonia with surroundings, so filling partially the gap between Finnsgulf and Kurlandia Il2 maps. The main purpose is to serve for campaign and missions in 1939-1944 years, with some finetuning it might serve also for 1914-1920 era.
The airfields are mostly grass ones, with exception of those at Tallin, Tartu and Riga, where authentic shape of concrete runways based on WWII photos were made. The location of others is widely based on nowadays coordinates. The whole map is made one ZUTI's Friction mod area, so emergency landing is possible almost everywhere. There are some exceptions - working swamp and quick sand areas, where the plane can be swallowed. Poisition and number of these places is let to find by the flier, as a sort of Easter Egg.
Cities and villages were autopopulated to large extent. The position of lighthouses is based on contemporary naval maps, their appearance is, however, only that default in Il2. Appearance of harbours is based on nowadays data.

The compatibility of the map was tested with the following versions of Il2 Sturmovik 1946:

HSFX 4.01, HSFX 5.01, UP3RC4 and DBW 1.71.

The map can be downloaded here : ... Estonia.7z

The readme file there involded contains all the necessary installation guide.



Stoupa: written permission to use his Pilsen Synagogue.
RedEye_Jir: written permission to use his objects from maps of Spain.
Uufflakke: written permission to use his objects towers.
Cyberolas: written permission to use his textures of villages.

I am glad to give proper credits also to large group of modders who helped in preparation of this map in this or that way, first of all to betatesters who helped to remove several bugs I made during the development of the map:

Kopfdorfer, agracier, RealDarko, nachprod aka Murdoc (for the idea of the project), David Prosser, Mission_bug, Benno, Bravo, Airbourne, walter_solito, Ian Boys, bomberkiller, max_thehitman, Ectoflyer, nikmaving (who localised more than thousand bugs), Lagarto, Karabas-Barabas, Wotan, Bussardi, Oknevas, Dancing Bear, andrey65, Skvorez, deSAD, Foton, A.V.Sokolov (for his outstanding historical maps), Aragorn1963, in fact, all the SAS, Aviaskins, Dispersalfield communities as a whole.

If anybody forgotten, excuse me, please, my memory is not as reliable as several decades ago, lol.
Nice map Uzin Big Grin
Thank you.