Full Version: [JWV] Manchuria
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Hey folks, here is my jetwar version of the Manchuria map, mainly the Soviet bases around Vladivostok, I will make some airfields in the Chinese and Korean sections of the map, in case someone wants to make a what if Russian VS China or North korea mission or something Big Grin but that will come later 8)

All the airports are from google earth and I tried to re-create them as best as I could, hope you enjoy

Drop the folder in your mapmods folder and add all.ini ... churia.rar

[Image: 090820134-54-38_zps7b123e14.jpg]
[Image: 090820134-54-48_zps12750925.jpg]
[Image: 090820134-54-27_zpsaab330b5.jpg]
[Image: 100820135-08-20_zpsfe45a8ac.jpg]
[Image: 100820135-08-34_zps0c21b0b4.jpg]



I absolutely LOVE this MAP!!!! The strips are long which is perfect for landing some of the Vietnam era jets (especially F8) that don't have a drag chute or have a higher landing speed that need a longer than average strip!! Thank you TAM!!!



A World War Three start in this area was a real danger in that period of the Cold War. Not only was there the Korean War, but also incursions of USA aircraft over China and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), hostilities with naval vessels in the general region, and intense propaganda rhetoric made a powder keg just waiting to be ignited.

It looks good in the pics, especially attention to detail with the airbases.