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Here is retextured, retowned, revillaged version of the map of west Belorussia, covering the era around 1916 year. The towns of former Belarus map were made smaller, contain more churches and synagogues , even tartar mosque is present in Minsk. Map has less airfields, all of them grass one. Moreover, the whole map area was adjusted by friction mod so that planes can take off and land anywhere at a suitable meadow, as it was usual in those days.

DOWNLOAD: ... rus1916.7z

Unzip Belarus.7z into a temporary folder, there you find readme with all the necessary instructions.


nachprod aka MURDOC who supplied high quality data on the area and that era.
Molva for 3d model of airship hangar.
Greif11 for valuable advices.
Skipper for testing the map and valuable recommendations.
Stoupa for his new church tower.
nikmavind for several hours he devoted to scanning the map for author's errors.

[Image: th_Lida_2_zps813dc5aa.jpg] [Image: th_Grodno_zps46502502.jpg] [Image: th_Bialystok_2_zps0c03d055.jpg]
[Image: th_Lida_1_zps40a990e6.jpg] [Image: th_Bialystok_1_zpsdd483b38.jpg] [Image: th_Kobrin_zps4f06c81c.jpg]
[Image: th_Bialystok_2_zps42daa842.jpg] [Image: th_2013062600-55-23_zpse4002e9b.jpg] [Image: th_ZeppelinatLida_zpscf5d64ab.jpg]

Enlightened version of the map may be d/l here:
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This is cool! It looks like that era in the towns and other things.

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