Full Version: Aichi type94/96 D1A1/2 "susie"
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AICHI type94/96 D1A1/2 "Susie"

Developed by 'Heinkel H50, was the first dive bomber of the Japanese Navy, in its two versions was used operationally only in China, both in the famous "accidents" in both the phase known as "continuation" in the Pacific War it was used only as trainer.
Quote:[Image: 94gbuuc5ndum9bu6g.jpg][Image: 892g95e4bb2iybd6g.jpg]

!!!!You need!!!! a Mod [(Osprey Land/Osprey Seaplane/Osprey Carrier/ Hart/ HartMercury /Hind ready to DL)].by Dreamk and friends

You'll need of course to install these various bomb packs (if not already done) to flu these planes correctly.

topic of original MOD,64.20.html

!!!!The Mod change only the MHS. and Hier. for the /Osprey Carrier/ but every plane as affect and note is possible use them!!!!

!!!!you can only choose one version or A1 or A2 deleting the one that precedes ... HierC for the choosen version.!!!!!
Currently HierC represents the version D1A2
the AI have a take off problem when have a payload.payload are same of the original Mod-

For skin do a folders named : Osprey C
the URL for D/L :

Original 3d Model, Java Files, FM: Dreamk
Skins and template: Agracier and Archie
Quality control process: Epervier
FM upgrade: Leibig/ Dreamk

Credit for 3D change Gio963TTo

Greetings GIO.
another!!! Confusedhock: very cool thank you Gio Big Grin and all involved.
Keep them 20's & 30's biplanes coming, love them :wink:



Me, too! ... I dig the 20s and 30s planes! Big Grin



Nice Big Grin
Thank you.