Full Version: Pacific Islands mod
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Hey folks!, I've got a simple little mapmod of the pacific islands map, AKA Net8Islands. I added two airports on two islands, ones a big airfields, ones a small airfield.

LINK: ... slands.rar

INSTALL, drop the folder in your mapmods folder and add all.ini text

I made this with 4.12.2 with vanilla objects so it should work in all versions Smile

Small airfields without any runway tiles
[Image: 2014010300-28-00_zps9e007745.jpg]

Big airfield with runway tiles
[Image: 2014010300-27-33_zps65c4f0e5.jpg]

Hope you enjoy, please report any bugs with the airfields.



It reminds me of an old photograph I saw years ago of a P-38 fighter lifting from a dirt runway on some Pacific island with the ocean beach at the end of the runway. Confusedhock:


Big Grin



Looks great,

Thank you The Alaska Man ;o)

and best wishes for 2014 ;o)

Very nice Alaska Man Big Grin
Thank you.