Full Version: Breguet BR14 T/salon
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The Breguet sanitaire/salon

At the end of the war some 14 Breguet were transformed into air ambulance creating a special version of the T after the war in colony were used correctly is sold to foreign countries, the T was elaborated a civilian version, the Salon, for 2 or 4 passengers used for all the '20s both in France and in other countries by commercial airlines.

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URL is:

The folders have two Hiers one dedicated at Healt version (hier-HealthV) other ,by default , dedicated at civilian version (hier-SalonV) for see your choise erase the ( -.....) naturally after Hier.Him backup.

!!!need : Diff.Mod!!!

Credit :for class,Java,slot CWatson
for the 3d model GIO.
for cockpit correction and test Ectoflyer

Greetings GIO
Very nice plane Geo Big Grin
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Great stuff, and nice plane !!

Thanks for sharing it ;o)

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... and a very interesting story behind this. Big Grin