Full Version: News about F_Red' D520
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Some news about the F_Red' D520.
This aircraft is build from scratch and real documentations. The external 3D is finished several months ago and the pit is almost finished also.
All the commands are fonctional and every action asked by HOTAS or keyboard will move the right command in the pit.
This D520 will be in the new HistoMod pack, IES1 (Il2 Enhanced Simulator1) and nowhere else.
F_Red does not want to see more than one hard-work downgraded for any reason.
Aircraft views:
[Image: 1395654427-d5bq.png]
[Image: 1395654425-uy0x.png]
[Image: 1392369599-13-02-2014-22-15-20.png]
[Image: 1392369601-13-02-2014-22-16-07.png]
Pits views:
[Image: 1395653024-1.png]
[Image: 1395653023-2.png]
[Image: 1395653026-4.png]
[Image: 1395653026-5.png]

Clic on the pictures to enlarge.
Great looking model and texture work LeBig & F_Red Top Work!!! Big Grin



Hell yeah !!!

Great stuff Lebig and F_Red !



Oh this is a real French charmer! ;dd


Oh, what a beautiful aircraft! 8)

Very nice done indeed!

Thank you for showing the pictures, lebig.

Jambo Big Grin