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Farm pack of mod objects that I made for Canvas Knights and Vehicle Simulator is here. Anybody who wants to add some farm life to their scenery (map) probably will like this one. The period is just before World War 1 France and traditional French rural buildings of that time. Images are tested on a map for CK that I am making, so I know they work for CK and VS.

Map makers of Canvas Knights enjoy! Big Grin

[Image: CK_FarmPack_01a.jpg]

[Image: CK_FarmPack_01b.jpg]

[Image: CK_FarmPack_01c.jpg]


Unzip with folder names on, go inside the folders and take objects that you like with the texture (JPEG - .jpg) that is with it in the same folder. The fence comes in sections and pieces so you may customize and change them to fit terrain elevation with them in the Canvas Knights or Vehicle Simulator scenery Objects Design editor. (See first image above here.) All of the fence objects use only one texture in this pack, so one texture called "Fen1" (.jpg) and all the fence [model].xx pieces go into your commons folder of CK or VS. In the case of the fence pieces, they are made to have different names but use the same texture.

In the case of folders in this pack which have only one [model].xx file and one texture, you will notice that they have exactly the same name. This is how they are created by the artist for the VSF engine that CK and VS uses, in case anybody wants to create their own mods. The model file (ends in .xx) and the texture (ends in .jpg) go into the same folder, here again. (Usually just simply dropped into the "commons" folder together.)

A map scenery made in CK works in VS and the other way, too, because they share the same VSF software platform. The possibilities are huge for map making in CK with great tools and helps. Feel free to mod the textures in this pack for CK or VS. It is possible to make very different looking buildings by only modding the texture to your liking. Please share with the community here because we would love to see your work. Big Grin

There are a couple READ-ME files which are good to read that you will find in my farm pack here.

There is another method for adding objects to a scenery and other information for handling map making and objects that can be found at, mainly in the Vehicle Simulator tutorials but in a couple other places there, too, in forum and involving other simulator by IIan Papini. The information is very useful.

After trying this, if you have any questions, then feel free to ask here in our friendly forum. Big Grin

Map makers, I hope that you enjoy the efficient workflow with making a scenery for Canvas Knights

I would like to thank John Marco, the game designer of Canvas Knights, for all he does around here.

Have fun! :Smile)

Very nice ground objects this will help out map makers big time!
Thank you Clinton for your fine 3D work Big Grin



Cool! Very cool indeed Clinton! Big Grin

Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Jambo Big Grin


Very nice,

thanks 8) Ferda Mravenec