Full Version: CK's Damaged Trees Pack
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[Image: Trees_Damaged.jpg]


As you can see in the above image, this is a pack of damaged trees for Canvas Knights that I made for map makers. All what you see and more in this pack runs on only one texture called "Tre" that is a very small JPEG texture that I created for these trees. They are very low polygonal count all running with that tiny texture, so you can place a few of these around your scenery and should be okay for low end PCs if you do everything well in your scenery. Keep them sparse near expected combat areas for performance and allow for planes and other things, too.

Place all these tree models, most of them are groups of trees in one model, into your scenery folder and the " Tre " texture dropped right into the scenery folder as well. You should then be able to view them in the Object Design editor viewer and do as you like with them in your scenery map. See the READ-ME file for information and go to for tutorials on scenery creation and object creation. Tips: You may move these up and down or place them on some slopes because the trees sink well below the surface. I like to rotate them once in a while for variety.

Have a lot of fun! Big Grin


Nice looking dead trees Big Grin CK map makers are going to like them.



Great stuff Clinton,

I like it a lot !!

Ted Big Grin


It does look very good, the dead trees that is.
Great job.