Full Version: CK's Farm Pack 2
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This is a pack for map makers to make a farm or use some of these objects. Big Grin

[Image: CKFarmPack2A.jpg]

[Image: CKFarmPack2B.jpg]

These are typical farm buildings of a successful, wealthy farmer in France just before WW1, though other French types of farm buildings will be coming, too.

Unzip with folder names on, go inside the folder and drag the model with the .xx and the JPEG texture into your folder for your map in the scenery folder. You should next be able to use the Object Design editor when you have your map loaded, find and view these in the Object Design editor, and place them how you like on your map. There is a READ-ME file included, too, so take a look at it.


Have a nice time with them. Big Grin

Great stuff for the map makers Big Grin
And they look super!
Thank you.



Wow !! very nice done ;o)

Congrats Clinton,