Full Version: France and England basic scenery for VSF
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Hi all!
Here is a big Basic scenery of Southern England Channel And big part of French .
It has Basic textures
Northeast and Thames river plus some other areas needs fixing with matrix editor.

This not a final map. I just merged to geotiffs together and made a big map.

I icluded geotiff too, if somebody wants to make smaller scenery.

Here is the link: ... estern.rar

Download and extract it. You can then open folder Western and there is another folder "Western". Just copy/paste it to your VSF/scnery folder.

[Image: area-1.jpg]
[Image: VSF_CK_Map_Vehicle_Panel2014-10-2911-17-16-76.jpg]
[Image: VSF_CK_Map_Vehicle_Panel2014-10-2911-13-58-21.jpg]

That looks really good Kap! Big Grin
Was on it this morning when it first went up for download very nice to fly over and even drive on.
Thank you!



Great scenery Kap!!. Thanks for sharing this scenery with us!!!


Nice realism. Big Grin