Full Version: Sahara Map For VSF
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Sahara - Tibesti, Thad (Chad) - a simple scenery for VSF:

[Image: Sahara1.jpg?lgfp=3000]
[Image: Sahara2.jpg?lgfp=3000]

Download: ...

you can use my scenery Sahara for VSF - also for Canvas Knights:

Copy two files "allied.txt" and "axis.txt" to directory "SaharaThad"


Thanks 8) Ferda
Great looking scenery Ferda Big Grin

Thank you Smile


i have not install yet, but i am sure that is great!!
thanks Ferda


Hi Ferda,

looks teriffic! Very nice map! Big Grin 8)

Thank you very much for sharing with us!

Jambo Big Grin
Hi, Ferda. I think it's a good scenery, but i can't download it because fileswap is dead, can you repost it on