Full Version: CK's Northern Italy Map Release.
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Northern Italy - I made this scenery for Deutschmark and his Canvas Knights (Inspired by excellent Marcel AerniĀ“s Northern Italy Classic for Micro Flight). This scenery is not accurate - I am not expert for Great War.

Some objects are use from CK Ground Objects.

[Image: ni1.JPG?lgfp=3000]
[Image: ni2.JPG?lgfp=3000]

To Install;
Unzip with folder names on take the NorthernItaly folder and put it into your CK scenery folder. that's it your done!

Download MIRROR2:

Thanks Deutschmark for his help and great large work

8) Ferda Mravenec
VERY NICE!!! had a fly on it great stuff!!! Big Grin 8)

[Image: NITAFMA.jpg]
[Image: NITAFMB.jpg]
[Image: NITAFMC.jpg]
[Image: NITAFMD.jpg]
[Image: NITAFME.jpg]
[Image: NITAFMF.jpg]

Thank you so much Ferda Mravenec :Smile)
I am sure people will enjoy it very much and it gives some new places to fly and take
photos in I love the mountains and them mountain aerodrome's. 8)

Now to start making some Austro Hungarian and Italian planes and vehicles! :mrgreen:



S! Thanks so much for that nice scenery. Always wanted to visit Northern Italy. Big Grin



Hi Ferda Mravenec,

Thanks a lot for this wonderfull scenery, I am sure many will enjoy it !!!!! I've always dream to fly with a WWI bird over the mountains !!!!!! Can't wait to fly over there !!!!

Downloading now ;o)



This looks excellent. I'll give it a go for sure.
Thanks Ferda Mravenec for this map.



Looking awesome. Downloading now!



I am glad to hear this... Smile

Deutschmark look this wonderfull flying boat (Austria-Hungarien LOHNER L ???)

[Image: imagesY33LIB39.jpg?lgfp=3000] [Image: images70AD1QTQ.jpg?lgfp=3000]

Thanks 8) Ferda Mravenec
Hi Ferda Mravenec,

YES! the Austria-Hungarian Lohner flying boat is one that will be made.
I am working on a Sopwith fighter right now in about 2 to 3 weeks it will be done.
Then I will make the first 2 fighters of Austro Hungarian and Italian planes then
I will make the first 2 flying boats of Austro Hungarian and Italian planes and the
Lohner flying boat will be the first of the Austro Hungarian water planes. Big Grin

I have had much fun flying on your Map and will be using it for photos when I do
all the Austro Hungarian and Italian planes and vehicles.



Nice looking! Big Grin



Hi Ferda,

thank you very much for this very nice looking and really awesome map! Big Grin 8)

I'll have a flight in a very nice area I'm sure. :Smile)

Again, thanks a lot for sharing with us, Freda! 8)

Jambo Big Grin
Great to see a new map for CK, thanks for your hard work Ferda!