Full Version: [BETA] JWV Donbass(East Ukraine)
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Hello AAS, today I have yet another map modification in my JWV series, this time it's Oknevas East Ukraine map, with that said, the original map is not mine and all credit goes to him, you can find it here ( ... 361.0.html)

A little heads up:

This is just a beta at this point, and most of the airfields have minimal populating, if anyone would like to help me with this, please feel free to contact me via PM or just in the thread itself. Also, I plan on adding more airfields in the mean time, but I thought I'd release this to see what you all think.

DOWNLOAD LINK ... V.1%29.rar

Pics of airfields

[Image: Kharkov%20N_zpsyalxiacr.jpg]
[Image: 2015.01.11%2002-48-50_zpsnek6f1xs.jpg]
[Image: 2015.01.11%2002-49-26_zpsywtxfgsz.jpg]
[Image: Kharkov%20S_zpsljvlench.jpg]
[Image: 2015.01.11%2002-49-30_zpsg40y1rmf.jpg]
[Image: 2015.01.11%2002-49-16_zpsjjtjrdpy.jpg]
[Image: 2015.01.11%2002-49-21_zpswujr98ru.jpg]
[Image: 2015.01.11%2002-49-10_zpsnaqfeeu7.jpg]
[Image: 2015.01.11%2002-48-42_zpscvqulnws.jpg]
[Image: 2015.01.11%2002-49-01_zpsh7biexes.jpg]