Full Version: Map of Poland 1944
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The summer map of Poland_1944 contains reworked and relocated main german airfields,
renamed cities and railstations, autobahn, Posen fortifications, KLs, and repaired some landscape details.

[Image: Poland_1944%20Aug%2019rh_zpsyqvebusm.jpg]

Several pictures concerniong the present version of the map were released earlier: ... 455.0.html

Map can be downloaded here: ... nd_1944.7z

Installation instructions are in readme.txt file there included.
Map was tested on Il2 4.101 SAS modact 3.06, DBW 1.71, UP3RC4 and Il2 4.12.2.


Stoupa, RedEye_Jir, Uufflakke, Vladimir Butylin, Philip Carpenter, Vitamine and Toobone, Rector, jpten, stalker, RealDarko, western0221, WWIIES, tbauchot, H.L.deZeng IV, Seppel. All friends at SAS and at Aviaskins who contributed to the information on the map and
supported me by their interest in the development of the map.