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Hi, everyone

Here is the WIP thread for my EZmap - dogfight map. As the name implies, it's an easy map to make and also to have fun flying with it. My idea here is that by making and testing it on my low performance laptop, I can provide a dogfight map that is good for that and also to have combat with several planes at one time - no problem. The opposing bases will be close so you can get in a dogfight in only a few minutes at the most. It will be really simple but look good and provide a lot of action. I will upload more images as I have more to show you.

[Image: CK_EZ_Map_WIP_NoMansLand.jpg]

[Image: EZmap_WIP_05_zpsvu8rrclv.jpg]

[Image: EZmapWIP_04_zpshv6rrotr.jpg]

[Image: EZmap_WIP_01_zpsqy3yrzhk.jpg]
[Image: EZmap_WIP_02_zpsfximtgsc.jpg]

I like this very much, looks great Clinton!!! Big Grin



A most promising start; looking forward to watching it progress. *applause*


Keep up the good work Clinton !!!!

Good Luck ;o)



that is an immensive, beautiful area to fly!!!
well done Clinton!!!


Very Nice Big Grin


Hello, guys

Over this last weekend, I made some changes to the EZmap textures and elevations. The only thing remaining on these two issues is: [1] Reduce the mainland area in order to make the map lighter and easier to load [2] Tweak one of the textures.

Later today or tonight, I will complete this early stage and begin to lightly populate the map with object models.

Here is an example of my recent adjustments:

[Image: EZmapWIP_04_zpshv6rrotr.jpg]

Looks great! Big Grin
You may want to look at auto generated objects as it makes the map lighter in MB size as the auto generated objects are coming from the common folder and not the map folder it self, have a look at the Northern_Italy map as that uses them.



Quote:You may want to look at auto generated objects...


Yeah, that's a good point. I do have a few auto generated objects to use.

It is an important addition to the overall situation of the game. I'll take this map of Galicia, and to make it relevant to the mission.
I will try this card at sootetstvenno to equip the city of Lviv.



Please give me the names of some Eastern Front cities, so I will know better what to include. This is only a dogfight map. It's not meant to be historically accurate but only for fun. I do want to add some real names.

Clinton Say what exactly? North-western part of Belarus is. Southwest is Galicia.
Northwest: Mogel (the largest city). Byho, Shklov, Gorki.Osovets (castle)
The German side. Brest (large city, fortress), World, Kobrin, Zhabin. Biala Podlaska.
Southwest: Proskurov (big city). Volochiysk, Morodka, Kamenetz-Podolsk (castle).
The Austrian side: Lvov (big city) Przemysl (castle) Stanislav, Ternopil.



I will see what I can do with Eastern Front part of this map. I can't make any promises on specific things, but I will have some Eastern Front names on the map.
Clinton. I understand the conventions, the main thing that gave the picture the mood of the time and the opportunity to complement the map interesting objects on your own.
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