Full Version: CK Mod Korea WIP
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All this is a Work In Progress for the CK Korea Mod.

[Image: Snap_20111025193528_001.jpg]

[Image: Snap_20111029190751_002.jpg]

[Image: Snap_20120103182213_003.jpg]

[Image: Snap_20111029190914_005.jpg]

[Image: Snap_20110926171326_002.jpg]

[Image: Snap_20110918180450_001.jpg]

[Image: Snap_20111025194458_004.jpg]

[Image: Snap_20111001182838_001.jpg]

[Image: Snap_20110917185614_001-1.jpg]]
All this is a Work In Progress for the CK Korea Mod.

[Image: KMP80.jpg]

Bell 47
[Image: KMB47.jpg]

Mig 15
[Image: KMMIG15.jpg]

F-86 Cockpit.
[Image: KM86PIT.jpg]

This CK Korea Mod is very much in early stages, it will be a while before the base pack is up for download, All WIP updates for the CK Korea Mod will be posted here so keep on looking in to see what might be new on it.

Woo Hoo! - looks great guys ... will be watching this with interest :wink: Smile


Looks promising. It should be very cool when completed.