Full Version: Beechcraft Staggerwing 17R For VSF and CK
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Hi all,

This is my Beechcraft Staggerwing 17R.
There was only 18 of the Staggerwing 17Rs with fixed landing gear made and two of them where prototypes and now there is only one left in the world and it is on display at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum in Tullahoma, Tennessee and this airframe is one of two prototype model 17Rs made and there is no production ones left in the world.

This Beechcraft Staggerwing 17R can be used in Vehicle Simulator and Canvas Knights games.

[Image: SWR17A.jpg]
[Image: SWR17B.jpg]
[Image: SWR17C.jpg]
[Image: SWR17D.jpg]
[Image: SWR17E.jpg]
[Image: SWR17F.jpg]

This is a online, off line vehicle / plane.

To install;
Unzip with folder names on, go inside the ( BSWM17R ) folder and drag the ( Staggerwing ) folder into your VSF & CK game vehicles folder, if putting it into CK game then add the line in the allied.txt Staggerwing and save it.

That's it your done.


Hope you all enjoy the Staggerwing.
[Image: GermanEagleDMRSR.jpg]