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[Beta] GB Gladiator Cockpits***Update 24/06*** - Charlie Chap - 23.06.2009

New dedicated GB Gladiator cockpit created. The J8A is unaffected and remains Finnish. (English Dials & lettering only version)

****Make sure that you have the Gladiators made flyable installed & also have the beautiful new SeaGladiator by Muas****

Unzip on desktop & drop Folder '01-Gladiator Mk I, II & SeaGladiator GB Cockpit' into MODS folder

Labelling altered to English & Gauges recalibratd & changed:-

Fuel (Gals)
Altimeter (feet) (second hand added for Thousands of feet)
Climb & Dive indicator (feet)
Speedometer (Knots (KIAS)

(The Altimeter is an unusual configuration but does read Ok.)

Temp & pressure gauges do still read in metric.
(Your particular aircraft is obviously a cancelled export!)

Made compatible with Muas SeaGladiator so that cockpit opens. (This is really easy to alter also for the MKI & MKII but I didn't because unless everyone has this, it may cause online weirdness)

I altered the bare minimum I could as the J8A cockpit was already one of the nicest cockpits in game.

The class file structure is in place now anyhow if any talented cockpit artists wish to do a complete work over.

***Update 24/06 *** (MkII Baker sight + English Dials & lettering)

MkII Baker reflector sight added in place of the Finnish Revi.

Available as separate download. Two Do/D1 versions so you should see damage as with the Revi. I had to use the later baker from the Beaufighter (as only the later ones have the damage possibility..)

[Image: Gladiator-Cockpit.jpg]

I think it looks ok but am not absolutely sold on it (...hence the seperate download.)

*** Note:- if you replace the pricel.tga texture included with the one from the SpitfireMkI cockpit it looks much better !

p.s:- Thanks to AVALA for some of these textures.

- RealDarko - 23.06.2009

Can we see some pics please?

- sturmo321 - 23.06.2009

It'll be nice being able to fly it as a 'british' gladiator for once. Thank you very much. Smile

- Tigre_dos_Pampas - 23.06.2009

Many thanks... dowloading...

- Davidson - 23.06.2009

upload some pictures please :wink:

- Guest - 23.06.2009

Davidson Wrote:upload some pictures please :wink:

Yes; pics please :wink:

- Charlie Chap - 23.06.2009

It doesn't look all that differant in a screenshot:-

Its a J8A cockpit ... with an GB reflector sight, lettering and the described instruments changed to GB.(and java rewritten to make them read correctly in the correct new units.)

You have to be in it to appreciate the difference.

- Tigre_dos_Pampas - 23.06.2009

Nice mod! It's very amazing fly british Gladiators with british gauges. Big Grin

- Ivan Putski - 23.06.2009

Very nice to have these.

[Image: NewGladPit.jpg]

[Image: NGP.jpg]

- Ranwers - 23.06.2009

We made same work :wink: But yours is better Big Grin

- Metatron - 23.06.2009

Lovely, as a finishing touch it would be nice to see the gunsight changed, i made a request in another topic, hopefully we'll see that too soon.

- making153 - 23.06.2009

I wish I knew how to do this stuff ?? I used to produce and post loads of new panels in CFS but dont even know where to begin with IL2 - that aside great stuff m8!

- GBrutus - 23.06.2009

Great work, Charlie Chap! I was hoping somebody would do this. Well done. Big Grin

- Kopfdorfer - 23.06.2009

Superior addition Charlie Chap.

Thank you.


- P/O W. 'Moggy' Cattermole - 23.06.2009

Many thanks indeed!