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Great 3D Site - semperaggressus - 19.09.2009

Check this interesting 3D Site: ... ft/Fighter

- HansHansen - 19.09.2009


F-35 for $900!!!

who can pay that?

- KG64_Cnopicilin - 19.09.2009

Actually I have found some free stuff few moths ago. 900 $ planes must have million polygons and high-quality textures&cockpit lol.

- Hannable69 - 19.09.2009

That $900 F-35 is movie quality ... the kind of CGI that goes into movie special effects, not games. The cockpit alone would have most home computers running home to mama if that plane were used in a flight sim game.

- Guest - 19.09.2009

kinda shows you how tough it is to do a decent model in IL-1, where a single seat fighter should be no more than 3000 polys showing

RE: Great 3D Site - LaylaPenelope - 08.01.2022

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