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New reticle - crimeatiger - 17.05.2010

New reticle for review without the cockpit (non historic) 22'' LCD (1680x1050) reticle.tga 300 DPI

DL Link-

Place to MODS\FX_Revolution\3Do folder (real for me)

This is my conceptual view for mod, thanks to the author mod - Lt.Wolf (Cross replacement reticle US Navy ) 8)

- crazydog - 17.05.2010

very nice!
Thank you!

- KG64_Cnopicilin - 17.05.2010

Awesome! Thank you! What's that HUD mod?

- DaHuss - 18.05.2010

Anyone know where to put this file in the up 2.0 version

- HH_Cipher - 18.05.2010

Some install instructions would be nice Tongue

- tute - 18.05.2010

I agree with lack of instructions, drop in mods folder? I have the fx revolution mod, but no luck for me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- crazydog - 18.05.2010

run the exe file then put the "Cockpit" folder in a "3do" folder
like MODS/any name/3do/cockpit/null
or files/3do/cockpit/null for the UP user
in the game you press "ctrl+F1" three times, you will see the reticle

- crazydog - 18.05.2010

KG64_Cnopicilin Wrote:Awesome! Thank you! What's that HUD mod?
same question, the HUD looks better than defaut one

install - crimeatiger - 18.05.2010

Mods/FX_Revolution/3Do/Cocpit/null/reticle.tga This path for me , I use UI 1.2

- TSUNAMI*22 - 18.05.2010

Nice looking reticle, but when I downloaded it, my anti-virus found a threat and deleted it. Probably because it comes in the form of an .exe.

Edit: Downloaded and installed without problem using RAR format to extract. I already had an alternative gunsight, so I merely dropped the cockpit folder in to replace it.

I just dropped it into my MODS folder within HSFX.

Here's my path: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\Mods\Gunsight\3do\Cockpit

Create a folder named "Gunsight", then create one called "3do", then drop the "cockpit" folder into it. If you don't have a "MODS" folder - make one and drop the gunsight folder within it so the path resembles the one above in green.


- tute - 18.05.2010

Still no luck, this is what i get: ... -48-10.jpg

I use UP2.0, anyway thanks for the instructions, guys!

- DaHuss - 18.05.2010

Ya that's what I get also :?:

- tute - 19.05.2010

@ TSUNAMI*22: Thanks for the reply, still no luck... Cry

- TSUNAMI*22 - 19.05.2010

tute Wrote:@ TSUNAMI*22: Thanks for the reply, still no luck... Cry

I manually dropped these folders into "Mods". I didn't use the JSGME installer. Try it both ways, however. Check your path.

- tute - 19.05.2010

The game seems to recognize it, but i get this yellow square, maybe is the tga file? Thanks for the reply Big Grin