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Re: WW2 F1M2 Type-O Pete For VSF. - Deutschmark - 13.07.2011

Well I wonder what is CGI about it, it landing near the ships maybe?
Maybe the ships where put into the backgound? or it being colord?
I think I will try to e-mail with him and see what he has to say about it.

( edit )
No luck with a e-mail and am not a youtube member.


Re: WW2 F1M2 Type-O Pete For VSF. - *Steppenwolf* - 13.07.2011

I thought that it looked like it was taken with a modern phone camera or something. The way the camera shook, the water...I don't know. Thanks for sharing though!

Re: WW2 F1M2 Type-O Pete For VSF. - Fireskull - 13.07.2011

Here is what I wrote for comments in the thread by the guy who posted the video:

Hi, ontos

I am from a website which is focused on flight simulations, especially for computers. We were talking about your video in a thread and wondering if this is an authentic WW2 film.

We understand that CGI stands for Computer Generated Imaging, but we would like to know how much of the video is real WW2 and how much is computer graphics generated.

We really like your video, by the way.


Will he respond? We can only hope that he does.


Re: WW2 F1M2 Type-O Pete For VSF. - madcat - 13.07.2011

The vid in question reminded me of another CGI vid called 1945 I seen some time back, did a search and from there found the guy who made 1945 and the F1M2 Pete vid.

His name is Masaru Tochibayashi or aka "Tochy" and he has done quite a few CGI vids and books.

This is his web site;

If you look under "Digital WarBird Show !" your see a vid called "Seabird1" which is the same as the F1M2 Pete vid

Maybe some one from C1 should get him to work on IL-2:CoD Big Grin