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Warbird Skinpack WIP - Beulenfan - 02.05.2013

Hello !

Here are all the skins of my selfmade Trainingmission Flying Warbirds Airshow.
The skins are the first I ever made, (without the SU-26) and the german skins are without markings.
There are some bugs and mistakes in the skins but I think in a few days they are fixed.

[Image: 2013050100016.jpg] (without markings)

[Image: 2013050100015.jpg] (without markings)

[Image: 2013050100013.jpg] (without markings)

[Image: 2013050100012.jpg]

[Image: 2013050100011r.jpg]

[Image: 2013050100010.jpg]

[Image: 2013050100009d.jpg]

[Image: 2013050100004f.jpg] ( without markings )

The skins are Work in progress
Have fun with that

Re: Warbird Skinpack WIP - 9/JG54_EZ - 09.05.2013

Nice start.

Just incase you're looking for a couple of those pesky areas on the bf109's, I made you a pic that shows two areas I noticed that may help you. Plus, I have included a link of a thread I started for skinning the bf109. The contributions of "tricky areas", templates, and other useful stuff can be found there.

[Image: TrickyAreas.jpg]

Re: Warbird Skinpack WIP - Deutschmark - 09.05.2013

Sorry I missed this :oops: Confusedhock:
Them skins look GREAT Beulenfan Big Grin
Thank you.


Re: Warbird Skinpack WIP - LeBigTed - 10.05.2013

Great skins there !!!

Thanks Beulenfan !!! And Thank you EZ for the advices, no doubt with them Beulenfan will be a Master like you and CM6 very soon ;o)


Re: Warbird Skinpack WIP - Beulenfan - 10.05.2013

Hello !

Thank you all the statements.
Especially Thanks for the tips from JG26_EZ

I found a big epic fail on all the Spitfire skins. All of them have on the opposite Side the wrong markings. For example CR - S and S - CR at the other Side :oops: :oops: :oops:
I saw this on the original Spitfire pictures. That will be fixed with the 2.0 Update together with the missing parts of the Bf 109.


In the next days I've Not much time so you'll have to wait with the 2.0 Update.
But perhaps I've on Sunday enough time for some new Wallpapers for the other Forum. Big Grin

Re: Warbird Skinpack WIP - Fireskull - 11.05.2013


That is a very nice set of images of your skin pack! Big Grin

People love skin packs around here, so thanks very much! Big Grin


Re: Warbird Skinpack WIP - Beulenfan - 20.05.2013

Hey there !

I fixed all the mistakes of all Planes. Now here is the Updated Warbird Skinpack. It makes fun to skin the Planes in CoD.

[Image: fixedii.jpg]

[Image: fixed2.jpg]

[Image: 2013051600002.jpg]

[Image: fixed4.jpg]

[Image: fixed3s.jpg]

[Image: 2013051600008.jpg]

[Image: 2013051600006.jpg]

Uploaded with
Here is the Download Link:

Re: Warbird Skinpack WIP - Deutschmark - 20.05.2013

Thank you for the update Beulenfan Big Grin