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Links To SAS. - Deutschmark - 12.08.2013

Ok all, Free Modding and All Aircraft Simulations have taken the next step in getting back to normal for the IL2 community, we have lifted the ban on links to SAS, so from here on out you may now link to any topic or thread at SAS from here.


Re: Links To SAS. - bomberkiller - 12.08.2013

...this is very good news!

Gerhard Big Grin

Re: Links To SAS. - Fireskull - 12.08.2013

Cool! Big Grin

We'll see how it goes this time with a cautious hope for real community thinking to prevail. Smile


Re: Links To SAS. - Buller - 13.08.2013

Good news indeed Big Grin

Re: Links To SAS. - BravoFxTrt - 16.04.2014

Wow, Thank you John, I never thought Id ever get to log here again, AAA/AAS, my first beginning of IL2 Forums, uhm, a long time ago.

This calls for Champagne for every body! Big Grin

Thank you Mr. Deutschmark ~S~

Re: Links To SAS. - feloneousX - 17.04.2014

This is a good thing.