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Campagne de France - lebig - 31.03.2014

Built by Arsenal from scratch or extract from other games, some matérials in the future IES1 for the French Campagne.

[Image: 55621_revue_10.jpg]
[Image: 61629_revue_11.jpg]
[Image: 81271_revue_12.jpg]
[Image: 48136_revue10.jpg]

Re: Campagne de France - Deutschmark - 31.03.2014

Very nice looking Arsenal & lebig Big Grin


Re: Campagne de France - Fireskull - 01.04.2014

So cool!

Big Grin


Re: Campagne de France - LeBigTed - 01.04.2014

Great great great !!!

Et voilĂ  !!!!

Nice stuff, and thanks a lot Arsenal and Lebig and all Histo team ;o)


Re: Campagne de France - Jambo - 04.04.2014

Wow! Thats just beautiful! 8)
Very well done!

Can't wait to, ahem, destroy them, ahem..... :mrgreen:

Thank you very much for sharing!

Jambo :wink: