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ice eagles 109 droptank?? - mg77man - 06.03.2015

Hi chap's, great site first off.. Need some help..i want the nice drop tank for the bf 109 by ice eagles, i joined up..go to download it, it says i need permission, and will be informed when it is given..but never is?? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help, would love to have this update!!! Any ideas guys? U can contact me at; sharonrosenbauer ( AT ) gmail ( DOT ) com , i,ll happily pay a small fee for it...donate money to this site if someone can email it to me, cheers guys. Mike.

Re: ice eagles 109 droptank?? - Deutschmark - 06.03.2015

Hi mg77man,

First welcome to AAS Big Grin

I fixed your e-mail for you, never put a live e-mail addy on any forum or the next thing you will see is your e-mail box full of SPAM.

ice eagle comes here so maybe at some point he will see this and give you a link, or you can even PM him from this site.


Re: ice eagles 109 droptank?? - LeBigTed - 06.03.2015

Hi mg77man,

Welcome here, it is always nice to see new members after all these years ;o)

Did you tried the 2 links of IceEagles topic ?
(you might create an account at Mediafire to download them)


Keep me update, if it doesn't work, you can PM him ;o)