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Permission to use models ? - nightintruder - 05.01.2017

Hello Team Daidalos!

First of all, I would like to thank you for your all efforts towards enhancing our IL-2 lovers fun through all those years! Smile
I am old modder working on conversions between different game platforms. Used to fly a lot in IL-2 but since I moved into Arma-family games things get changed a little. I've been cooperating with different third parties, including companies like Virtavia or FlyingStation and thanks to them could bring some more fun to other players.
Is there any way I could use some of your beautiful planes (mostly early war ones) through porting them into some WW2 mods of the Arma-family games?
Honestly speaking, I don't know how the license between your Team and Maddox/1C look like so just asking. Thanks to binarization method connected with making Arma addons none of your work could be used by non-authorized persons. I work for free for a community of players and always credit original authors as well as follow a licence given.
Arma community needs good WW2 planes urgently and I am deeply convinced they would be grateful for that.
I will appreciate any answer, even negative one.

Hope to hear from you soon, and Happy New Year for all Team members!
Yours sincerely,


Re: Permission to use models ? - Sita - 28.08.2017

omg ... not really good place to ask some question here))) i think it is to late for answer)