AI planes ground looping on take off

I noticed the other day that when flying any mission online or off that the AI planes will ground loop with the carrier takeoff mod enabled. This first occured on the USS Saratoga where there was no catapult. It also happened at Bellows airfield. On the CV the first AI plane would ground loop with its nose in the deck and the tail pointing to the sky and the rest would just sit there idling waiting for the take off spot to clear. At Bellows the P-40's ended up with all of them ground looped with the nose in the ground and the tail pointing to the sky. They all acted like the chalks were released and the brakes applied hard.

Anybody else have this problem?



It's possible that this was actually a mission creation error instead of an AI coding error. There is an extremely remote chance that it is caused by a corrupted file in your download of the patch. Testing for corruption of files, especially hash count, is the only way to be sure of nice, clean IL-2. Smile Did anyone else report those previous bugs? If no, then it would raise more suspicion of corrupt file in the downloaded folder.

Still... Does anyone else have this issue? :-?


Further investigation was showing that this happened only when I was in the first plane not any of the other positions. I ended up going into the FMB and selected how I wanted the planes to line up. I chose pairs and the problem was fixed. I can choose any of the planes and no more problems.


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