1/72 Fokker E.III Revell (kit n° 04188)

Very interesting reference. As it often happens, multiple solutions to a problem are tried, until the best one becomes the standard.

@ Ted: sorry, no pictures of the wiring job... basically, because I was too busy handling the wires, glueing the wires and swearing at the wires, to also take pictures of the wires at the same time! Tongue

In short, since the best results are achieved by keeping the wires as tightened as possible (and this makes fixing by glue quite hard), I tied them whenever possible before glueing. I.E., a single wire goes all around, through both wings and the top structure (hence the addition of a small ring there), and both its ends are tied to the frame of the landing gear.

Next, another WWI project is coming... I think I'll post it as a WIP, since it's likely to take some time (hope not as much as the B-17! :roll: )

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