[WIP] Bf-109E-4 Trop and E-7/N Trop *UPDATE*


All these new variants of Me 109s are so very welcome. Some I was going to ask you for but you made them before I had time to ask!
A couple of variants that would be welcome would be the 109G-4 and the G-5. While I'm at it would a MiG-1 be too much to ask?

Anyhow, great work and many thanks.

Thanks for these! I finally got these and the E-3 working after I used the updated buttons file. These are marvelous for early war Afrika battles. Does anyone have any skins in the works for these or will the standard E-4/E-7 skins work? I am asking because with the addition of the sand filter, I dont know if there will be annomlies on the skin.

I guess theres only one way to find out! :lol:

Thanks again for these Sir!!! Big Grin


The filter is mapped to the regular skin, so you will see some oddities if you use an existing skin. I'm updating all the E-7 Trop skins on my site and will also release a layer that you can paste over existing skins so that the filter is properly mapped.


Thanks alot Joe! I just downloaded and installed some of buglord's skins into the folders and can plainly see where the filter hatch is mapped (between the wing upper in the center) While we wait for your skins to be updated, Im going to adjust the ones I just downloaded for my own personal use. Should be a relatively easy fix for the time being.

Thanks again for your efforts Joe.


First, let me add my gratitude to you for all the effort it took to add these wonderful planes.

I have been diligently following them and adding them as they have become available, and as I have had time to do so.

I just added the E-4Trop and E-7NTrop and found this strange happening. The E-4trop flies fine, but the E-7NTrop does not load. It looks in the QMB as if I have made a mission in the FMB and forgotten to check "Player Aircraft." All I get is the landscape with the line across the monitor.

If I use the F2 button, I can see the plane, but I cannot get into its cockpit and fly it.

Any one else experience this? I went from the updated buttons file (807k) to the all mighty buttons file (1001K).

All else seems okay, but I have not yet applied the E-1B and E-3B. That is my last addition and then I will have added all the Emils so far available.

Thank you again!


After all that, I must have a corrupted file or something. I just redownloaded the plane and used the new copy to paste it into the game and it worked fine.

Sorry for the fuss!


Do you need that pilot ?
With german sunglasses ?

[Image: 12042009191157.jpg]

Hey Ranwers, mind modeling a decent pair of goggles for the German side? Big Grin
I will take the Alpha channel edit if not...anyway... 8)

Yeah me too!

Thank yo uall working great.

not sure if this was mentioned the mirror mod is not working on these.

Since these have been included in the buttons file the regular E-4, E-4B and E-7B explode on spawning for me. DOes it happen to anyone else?

I hope this can be investigated by the author. :?:

Zorin Wrote:Since these have been included in the buttons file the regular E-4, E-4B and E-7B explode on spawning for me. DOes it happen to anyone else?

I hope this can be investigated by the author. :?:

Sounds like someone put incorrect flight models for these into the buttons file, happened once to me with the Zeros when I was putting together a buttons file for SFX, they all exploded on mission start.

The problem was that the Zero flight models I put into the buttons file were from the stock game and not the adjusted ones for the soundmod (different engine sound taken into account).

Maybe the same happened here as well!?

I've had no issues with them. Every now and again I get wierd bugs like that on dogfight (sometimes spawning in water near airfield, exploding randomly). Best way I find to fix it is a restart.

It has never happened to me with any of the official AAA add-on planes, so I say the author of this MOD is missing some important bit when it comes to creating new slots.

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