[BETA] Fairey Swordfish Mk I

She's a beauty! Big Grin Thank you very much!!

Wow ! This plane is beautiful, a very needed addition to this game !
Thank you, thank you, thank you (adlib..) !


What can I say? Absolutely outstanding, thanks to all for this wonderful aircraft, 6S.Moraz and 6S.Tamat for the aircraft, AAA admin for allowing the link and Veltro for the help making registering so easy.

Safely away from the carrier (no ordnance)
[Image: Swordfish1.jpg]

Bounced by patroling Fiats, gunner reacts.
[Image: Swordfish2.jpg]

No 4 takes some damage.
[Image: Swordfish3.jpg]

Finally something I can land on a carrier without braking it!
[Image: Swordfish4.jpg]

Wings tucked up ready for the hanger
[Image: Swordfish5.jpg]

I think there may be a few campaigns getting updated now this superb aircraft is available.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. Big Grin


Some anti-submarine Swordfish may carrying 8 rockets. HVAR ? :?
May add his in weapon load ? For anti-sub carrier patrol.

Bravo! Great job! Thank you very much!

I managed to get a flight in before my PC started complaining again. All looks great, but the damage? It seemed overly sensitive to AA fire - I got my wing shot off very easily (or perhaps I was unlucky). The "Stringbag" was a tough old bird after all.

Can't do any more for now. IL2 doesn't like the new mouse I bought to let the PC boot up properly. Great mod though. I look forward to enjoying another time :roll: Smile

Hi, having probs registering and downloading. To download you have to pick an image for some reason, it say things like pick a kitten and there is a palm tree, a dog, a butterfly and a Nokia phone. Perhaps my Babel fish had been inbibing at the local vino or something. Even when an image corresponds, in one case the kitten came up and another the buttefly, it just sends you back to the start.
Any chances of getting a direct link through to the download, launching attack on the tipitz ingame ship (read Bismark) with a Stringbag looks like fun.


Beautiful. Cheers for everyones hard work. Much appreciated.

You guys do know that you can switch the site's language to English, right?

The download, and installation went smooth, and she flies very well, thanks to all who participated in this project.

Great job!

Thanks to all involved at diavolirossi.net and AAA for making this plane available.

Works and looks great.

Beautiful looking work! Just wish I understood Italian, or Spanish. Couldn't work out the registration process after correctly IDing Homer Simpson :lol: After that, I kept getting error messages that I couldn't understand. I'll go back later and give it another try.

The one little part to this one I like is the gunner and the bomber move thier heads even if there is no other plane out there. I dont know how you did it but I wish we could get this for all planes. Looks more realistic. Great job!

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