[BETA] Fairey Swordfish Mk I

Hm...mine doesn't work. My game keeps crashing at 60%. I tried the stuff with the buttons-file as suggested but it still keeps crashing.
Can someone help me please?
I use UI 1.2, 4.09b.
Thanks in advance.

Be nice to have the float plane version of this as well.
They were used a lot as recce planes from warships at the start of the Med war.

I can post some drawings if there is any interest.

[Image: F_warspite_swordfish_matapan.jpg]


Does anybody experience the (4) "floating" struts in cockpit view?


[Image: SFextrastruts.jpg]

Yes. We all do. It's a known issue that will (hopefully) get fixed in the final release. We just try to ignore it for now. Easy enough to do with a Fiat or a Macchi or a Breda on your six. :lol:

Thanks for replying Boris, that explains the issue. I didn't actually notice it during flying, but saw it on a screenshot i made.

Very much enjoying the aircraft, with the "spare" struts! :wink:

Yeah, the same thing kinda happens on some other modded aircraft. They are still
not perfected just yet, but they are flyable and much fun to fly!
Its better than nothing I say. So I don

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