[MOD] J7W1 Shinden ver.110906

I installed it by the read me (pretty standard). Everything runs fine, but the plane isn't listed in my QMB, as if I hadn't added it to begin with. I double checked all my entries, A-ok. I have 1.2UI and 409b1 Mod. Do I have the right "environment"? Any help is appreciated, TY!

Try getting the plane to show up in 4.08 modded

Works great for me. Can't wait for a sight, but judging the trajectory isn't that hard. Downed 4 Corsairs on my first flight. Whoever thought 4 30mm's are overkill doesn't know what fun is. :lol:

Negative on the 408m, thank you though. I'll keep thunkin about it. Must be something simple.

Update: Disregard, it was something simple. (Insert blushing face here)

Wonderful plane, I have always loved this one. Built a model of it as a kid, now I get to fly it. Looking forward to the final release.

Thank you Kodama and team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arigato gozaimasu!
самолёт моей мечты...

bye bye B-29s :twisted:

I bet that mr. Owl is very happy with this. Like me!

Quite like this little machine. One problem im getting is when I fire the cannons, my game will frezze for a second. I've had it before. Just need to find whats causing it again.

Just to let people know (since "AAA's mod environment " requirement is not precise and maybe misleading):

this wonderfull jewel goes very well along UP 1.8. Just drop in mods and add the .ini lines, nothing else to do.

I think this is the most wonderfull WWII plane ever added to il-2 so far (when it gets finished :wink: ).

Dear Kodama, I am delighted at your contribution, don

This is just fantastic!!! :yay:
It flies like a dream!!!
Are you going to do the jet propelled version as well?

yes, fianlly!!

arigato gosaimasu, kodama-san!

no just the finishing touches... Smile

[Image: PushingYourLuck.jpg]

Originally posted at SimHQ - 27 Jan 09

I tried her out last night. She is just amazing!

Thanks Kodama! Big Grin


This is awesome.

However, I prefer to wait for the final version.

Excellent work, and thank you for the update!!

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