[MOD] J7W1 Shinden ver.110906

:oops: removed post as requested by kodama

I intend that tihs version of ki98 (10/11/09) is for probing bug and problem.
So I link it only in my blog.
Ki-98 will be announced at AAS after bug fix.

Madcat, please erase direct link for ki98 now.

sorry kodama :oops:

Thank you, madcat!

Kodama, could you please check the torque on the Shinden, I think it should be reversed, since it is the same direction as the propellers rotation, or perhaps we have an engine limitation there(the game engine didnt predict the pusher propeller). Thank you for the Shinden, anyway!

Hello! Um...I apologize if this is a bump/necroing but I'm curious to know how I can install this without the AAA's Mod Environmental pack? I want to fly this plane insanely badly and can only do so in Microsoft's Flight Sim X. Is there a completed version, hence the silence here? AAA is apparently gone and I don't know how to install this with the other newer mods....I tried mod tutorials and the like but even that is non-existent in Google + Youtube searches.

I used search, I checked all the forums, and I even googled every nook and cranny I could think of.

You can find the latest version of his planes at his blog site, also visit SAS for better instructions on getting a mod activator that is compatible with the latest stuff.

Awesome! Thanks! Guess I'll check out SAS then.

Hi all.
I update J7, J4 and ki98 for new flightmodel.
Please check left column of my blog.

From this version, all birds have own flightmodel offered by sas buttons.
Check your buttons's version is 9.3 or later and readme.

shyrsio > J7 used P63's flghtmodel before, so the problem is solved form this version.

Thank you for your work. Smile


Is there a new link? It seems to be broken.

Mavvrikk Wrote:Is there a new link? It seems to be broken.

The link still works just tried it and got the download.
I been through all 12 pages and any links that is in this thread to the dowmload of the plane still work.


Wonderful plane, yeah!
But I receive some problems with it =(
When I'm trying to launch quick mission with it, game just says me "Mission loading failed: null". Does anybody knows how to deal with it?
I installed SAS modAct 4 and SAS buttons 10.2
Also, J7 is correctly displaying on choosing plane screen

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