M2morris Wrote:I downloaded HSFX.
I can't find the Generic Mod Enabler anywhere, and also the game won't even launch at all.

Just to clarify, HSFX should have gone over a clean, fresh 4.09m, NOT over your U.I.

Also, as I noted in a post above, the default install path for HSFX is a little bizarre, Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters, etc., so you need to make sure to redirect it to the correct location of your 4.09m install, otherwise it will go to a new folder and do nothing.

Last thing, in your other thread about the U.I. I suggested you move, copy, or install the game outside of Program Files, and in a folder in the root of your hard drive, such as C:\Games or some such. This will prevent Vista/Win7 from interfering with the process.

Yep, I did just that; I reinstalled my IL2 into its own folder on the C drive and out of program files. I started with a fresh install, patched it up to 4.09 and I just now installed HSFX and there is no unified installer. And now I am trying to find that mod enabler again. Looks like I might have installed it wrong and it went into a folder somewhere like you said.

I just noticed that there is an HSFX 4.0 version that I never did have before I found and installed HSFX 4.1
Do you think that may be whats causing my trouble?
If so do I need to uninstall 4.1? and then start over again?

Yes, 4.0 needs to go in before you can install 4.1., as stated on the download page:

Quote:Installation Instructions for History Mod Version 4.1

1: Patch il2 Sturmovik 46 to Full 4.09m
Detail : The History Mod version 4.1, requires an install of Il-2 Sturmovik 1946, plus Patches 4.08 and 4.09 and the History MOD (HSFX) 4.0

Sorry for the confusion.

Enabling 6DOF in IL2 for me has been accomplished.

Thank you.

I have a question: why spitfire IXc engine explodes after few minutes in idle mode ? It's difficult to get in the air now Big Grin

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