Community Generated Squadron List..........

It's pretty simple.....

This is not a thread to be spammed by recruiting officers posting again and again....In kind, I get tired of having to search through the list to find a squadron already listed...Check to make sure nothing is changed, only to find out the individual requesting a listing cares so little about the list he couldn't even read it first.

So do those kind of posts mean they want their group "de-listed"......Maybe so, I'm confused.


Headhunters 80th VFS

We're based out of Germany, but have pilots from all over europe and the usa.

310. st

Okie Dokie.....Updated to this point with the following conditions to be enacted subsequently.

1. If you do not list a "virtual" nationality (not where your members are from yet what you fly as)....You'll be listed under "Generic".

2. This is not a thread to spam about your group. Take the spam elsewhere.

3. Do not list other groups then your own....They may not want to be listed and hence forth will not be unless one of their members posts here.

4. Squadrons having no website and/or forum will not be listed, this list is not here to just hold a name......In kind, this list is only for squadrons and certain other groups that work on a squadron basis. Groups and private forums having nothing to do with being a squadron will not be listed.

5. I can only assume that if you post about your group it already listed you must be asking that it be removed.....It's already up there, so I cannot figure out what other reason you would have for posting except you'd like to not be included any longer in the list, and that is your way of informing me.

6. Do not PM your requests to me. It is important they be made a matter of public record so post in the thread.

7. I will NOT check every listing for it still being active. If you find a dead link report it in the thread.

8. The list will be updated ONLY once there are enough requests to deem the effort. So it may be a matter of days, weeks or even months if there is no activity........The only other previous list in English is on the Ubi site. It has NEVER been updated since 2003. So I'd say even if it is a month or two wait we're way ahead of the game.


Nationality Group: United States
Air Group 8 Doolittle Raiders
New website link --

Please be so kind as to fix the link, sir?


Past Commander, now Squadron Ops Boss [SOB]

* Squadron Name - Jagdgeschwader 62 - "Death Brothers"
* Squadron's "Virtual" Nationality - German (Luftwaffe).
* Website URL -

I hope to see my squadron name in the first page soon :wink:

Name: 1

~S~ Billfish
I know you are busy, however I have made this post back in Jan. 2010.
I am wondering when you can make the change from my old name and
web site to the new one.

New Name New Web Site
~S~ Billfish
Like to request a change from 1st All Dedicated Virtual Bomber Group
to Dedicated Bomber Group. Also have a new web site with forums.
USAAF Historical Dedicated Bomber Group. Virtual 97th BG/43rd BG (H)
Country: U.S.A.
Time Zone: PST
Here is the link:

Thanks Billfish

Another Bulgarian squadron is =BgAF= Bulgarian Air Force.

ВнВВ fly on Axis planes that were used historically in WWI, =BfAF= fly on the first post-war Soviet machines that were delivered to Bulgaria.

Billfish Wrote:
Barkhorn Wrote:Thx, Billfish, we appreciated a lot your squad's effort. But i would like to suggest adding the squadron "homebase" as well. It's kinda confuse when u look first, but =LBR= Luftwaffe Brasil squad is based in Brazil, not Germany Big Grin, altough we play as Germans.

Well to a degree that's the point of not listing where squadrons are from in that it makes folks look over what is out there, and in kind takes away some of the nationalism we see. Now I understand and appreciate all of the aspects of language and timezones, however I can assure you that traffic to your site would be greatly reduced if "player" nationality/language was made part of the criteria.

So as it stands, squadrons are listed as intended.

Finally to all.........I'm getting loads of conflicting info as to where a squadron should go....Bob of that group says here, Jim says there, and Tom just wants to spam like this is a thread to compete and advertise in. Figure it out with your squadron before you post, then just one of nothing irks me more then having numerous requests to list a squadron already there, shows how much you really think of the list considering you've not even looked it over.


Sorry for the delay, didn't checked this thread since my last post. About the conflicting info, i assume u're talking abot PabloSniper's post, correct? Well, if is it the cause of conflicts, i wouls like to stat that 'LBR = Luftwaffe Brasil' and 'BLW = Brasil luftwaffe' aren't the same squadron...

Greek squads 336th and 335th

!S crazty

Please move 242 Squadron from the Other/Generic section into Great Britain. We have already had contact from another '242', and the first place anyone is going to look to check is in the Great Britain section.

242 Squadron


Team USA:

Based in the United States
TUSA/Pepper Commanding.

Hi, Sab

I think that what we should probably do is have Billfish restore her Community Generated Squadron List. Let me know in PM or something if you know of another decision.

I will contact Billfish after I get word from Admins.

Hi BillFish !

WingWalkers Tactical Squadron

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